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Coozies are considered to be a fabric or a foam device which is basically designed to keep a beverage bottle or a can cold. They Make a Great Marketing Tool when custom printed. These are mostly confused for an alcoholic drink holder but it is not true at all. The Coozies can be easily used to hold and keep cold the cans or bottles of any kind of beverages. This is also considered to be a great personalized marketing tool.

Different kinds of Koozies available online. There are different kinds of these can or bottle holders available in the market which makes it easy for the people to keep their beverage cans or bottles cold and easy to carry. There are basically three kinds of can or bottle holders available in the market you can order Coozies personalize with your own logo or company name.

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• Collapsible Koozies
• Bottle Koozy
• Foam Coozies
A Collapsible Koozie is also known as a Pocket Custom Koozy and is considered to be the best as they are highly portable and can be easily carried by the people. The people who are fond of drinking can easily keep it in their pockets which help in keeping their drinks cold. Bottle Coozie as the name suggests helps in carrying the bottles of the people. It comes in various sizes and different size bottles can be fitted in here. This is very beneficial for any kind of outdoor activities. Lastly there is Foam Custom Koozy and these are considered to be the best as these Koozies last for a longer time and are highly stack able and can be kept on the desks for a longer duration. In other words these have a longer life span.
From where to buy these bottle or can holders

Coozies are available all over the world, be it physical markets or internet like Custom Koozy ( we always order from them. These can be also booked online and the people would receive it at their own residence. Moreover, the online booking also has an advantage; the person who is buying this bottle or can holders online can add their preferred text on it and can also select their preferred color. Buying these bottle or can holders from internet are the best option.
Coozies are considered to be the best accessory for holding the cocktail bottle or cans easily and these also keep the bottles and cans cold for a longer duration. This is a very preferred accessory which is loved by all the people especially those who are fond of drinking.

About Koozies…..

The koozies are the best to keep your beverages cold for many hours and the custom printed koozies are the best option for many. With these you can print special dates, picture or your favorite sayings on them. I chose one of them and printed a beautiful quote to give it to my friend as this is a great gift material. Since there was a wide range of colors available I chose the favorite color of my friend and she just loved the gift. This is also a great promotional tool and I have seen many businesses printing the logo of their company on these and advertising their company. This is cheap so they are quite commonly used by the people. When I was looking for these types of can coolers I had a wide range of options. It is easy to spread your words about your company through these promotional products. I have really enjoyed my favorite drinks in the chilled form with this product. You too can choose this and enjoy the chilled beer or promote your business.

Types of Koozies

The custom printed koozies in different types like:

• Collapsible petals can cooler
• Base ball can cooler
• Zipper bottle cooler


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